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You know what? Bet.

I had to take some time on this one. I mulled it over. But I’m done now!

So, I received this email today shortly after dinner. However, if you’re unfamiliar, Children’s Miracle Network is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, which means this email was sent right as someone was walking out of the door. It almost feels like someone was really trying to run out the clock on this one.

But, I have time today! When it comes to speaking up on injustices, we don’t take breaks! We don’t clock out!

Now, I can act like I don’t know what brought this one, but I definitely know what did. AND I AM NOT AFRAID! I said what I said and meant every word of it!

Are you telling me that calling people out for being problematic within your community is against your community guidelines?

Are you telling me that applying pressure to actually see change is against your community guidelines?

Are you saying that me being rightfully upset after being lied to again and again and speaking up on it is against your community guidelines?

Everything I have ever said has been put up publicly and is verifiable (unlike when people get removed from your platforms with all forms of wrong doing removed).

As I said before, I will not be bullied, intimidated, or gaslit!

I’ve called out community members for breaking your community guidelines right here because you never did!

I’ll be here! I’ll be waiting! And I’ll be ready!

Because I’ve only just begun to fight for this community!

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