The MajorLinux Show

What’s good everybody?

As you may have already noticed, we’re going through a bit of a reshuffling here.

I have relaunched The MajorsHouse Show as The MajorLinux Show and reset the count.

As my current streaming schedule has been full as of late, The MajorLinux Show has been turned into a weekly show!

However, that isn’t the only show on the MajorLinux Twitch channel!

There’s also the weekly Fortnite show, “Where We Dropping? Featuring Aerodash84”, on Tuesdays.

You can catch me hosting the Notcho Friends podcast on Wednesdays and Tech Talk Thursdays on, you guessed it, Thursdays!

I’m also doing project streams on Saturdays!

Hopefully, with this new mix of shows and content, it can showcase the many things that I do personally and with the communities I work with!

Hope to see you all when I’m live!

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