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Well, It Was Fun While It Lasted…

Last night, I decided that I’d attempt to roll out a new category in the Twitchin’ with the Major series. I wanted to be able to stream content from devices that can’t stream for themselves such as the PS3 and PlayStation Vita (via PlayStation TV).

Early tests showed that there was some promise and that I should have been able to show off some Vita gameplay last night.

However, the stream didn’t work as well as I thought it did. I think that the choke point is somewhere in my laptop. I have it trying to process all the data coming in from my capture device and simultaneously record and stream the content which may not be the best solution. There may be some more testing soon but, for the time being, I will be going back to streaming current gen titles.

I’m hoping that after the baby is born, I should be able to save up to purchase (read: build) a more powerful PC to handle these tasks and get more game content out there. I’m thinking that I will probably use these devices for other means as I do have quite a backlog to get through…


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