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Valve to Start Looking at Other Linux Distributions for Steam

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Seems like Valve is starting to publicly acknowledge the existence of other Linux distributions out there other than Ubuntu.

In a Steam Community post on December 17th, Steam developers stressed that there may be issues when trying to update the Steam client on Linux in the event that it needed an updated or new OS package.  It seems like Valve is trying to keep Steam out of any repositories and are trying to maintain updating the application themselves using the same auto-updating system that is currently being used in Windows and Mac.  They realized that this may cause problems in Linux and are proposing a workaround to make the process easier.

The main thing here is what was said about the solution:

Other distros could provide a different script that would do the equivalent.

I would love to get some feedback from people running (or trying to run) Steam on non-Ubuntu distros. Does this help some? Any better ideas?

Now according to that, it would seem that they are planning on releasing Steam to other Linux distributions such as Fedora and Arch Linux.  I can’t wait until they officially support the other distros so that way I can get my game on.

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