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Updating the home and home office tech

Well, I finally done it.  I’ve finally left the nest that is Red Hat Service Desk (Service Community, Solutions, whatever Justin comes up with next…lol)!  I’ll now be working from home on varying days…er…nights as I start working the shifts that I signed up for.

So, I came home Friday thinking that I need some new tech.  Normally, I don’t go out and buy random things.  I have to have a purpose for doing so.  I felt like me working from home from here on out was a great one.  It only makes sense seeing as that I won’t be leaving the house much and I was going to need some things to make my time in the house a little more enjoyable.

Friday Night Pickups
Think I can expense this for work?

As you can see above, the list of items purchased are as followed:

  • Used Microsoft Kinect Sensor
  • Asus VS228 LCD Monitor
  • Sucker Punch
  • Dance Central
  • Kinect Adventures

The monitor was purchased mainly for the home office so I can have dual monitor support for work.  However, with HDMI support, I’ll be getting more mileage than that out of it.  This will be explained a little letter in a video post for EnthusReviews. Stay turned as I will have more content becoming available as I’ll probably have more time on my hands…

Just sayin’…

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