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Twitchin’ with the Major Returns (Already)

Good afternoon, everyone! Its your local Twitch streamer, MajorLinux letting you guys now that Twitchin’ with the Major is coming back!

Wait, what?

It already started?

Are you sure?

Two weeks ago?

Why wasn’t I notified?

Sorry, about that. I was just informed that I had been streaming for about two weeks now and nobody (including myself) was made aware of this fact. So, let me fix that for you…

I’M BACK!!!!!

Just as a heads up, my normal streaming days will be split up between personal and Extra Life RDU Guild sponsored streams. On Tuesdays, provided I pick up a hot new release, will be New Release Tuesdays. Thursdays will be special Extra Life editions were I will be playing titles that the whole family can enjoy and are mostly overlooked by the main gaming community.

As I stated before, I’m glad to be back and hope that you’ll enjoy me for another great year of positive gaming!


Watch live video from MajorLinux on

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