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Tune in for Twitchin’ with the Major: Special Extra Life Takeover Edition!

Good afternoon, everyone. I know its been a long time since I’ve been on here. Well, it actually been a little over a week and not the months that I would go abandoning the site!

Tonight, I’m doing something special by taking over an Extra Life RDU Guild stream time slot for our resident actor, Elijah Moore. Apparently, he’s been too busy acting to stay awake long enough, so I’ll be streaming in his stead!

I’m not sure what I’ll be playing tonight, but I have a feeling I’m going to be moving up my stream timetable a bit and play some NBA 2K15 in celebration of the NBA Playoffs which are already underway!

Of course, this will be going down at 8:00pm on the MajorLinux Twitch channel. You can also catch the archived footage at the Twitchin’ Archive page if you missed out on this one and others!

Also, if you would like to catch Elijah stream, please feel free to follow him at the Gamers Uncreative channel.

Watch live video from MajorLinux on

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