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Thinking of Trying Something New: MajorExploits

While I sit here, in between tickets, drinking can after can of Diet Dr Pepper (I know its not good for me but I’m stressing right now!), I was pondering something…

I was pondering if I could take some of the projects I’m doing and start writing the thought processes behind them. Kind of like a conversation with myself about how I want to tackle a problem. And not just how to tackle a problem, but sometimes just the problems themselves

It’s been something I’ve been doing slightly using Trello to track IT issues within MajorsHouse and within the home. Issues like Logwatch failing to send messages for a few servers to MajorRig decided that it didn’t want to sleep any more (Not that it was in the first place)…

So, I figured why not turn those Trello entries and scribbled notes in to blog entries. Maybe my ramblings could actually help someone else dealing with a similar issue or maybe bring some help my way if I’m stuck.

Or this could totally bomb, but you never know unless you try…

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all to a new category for posts on the site:


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