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The Nexus 6P Fiasco: The Wait

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The Wait

72 hours had come and gone. I barely noticed because I was trying to get ready for finals. Once all that was done (I passed them by the way), I began placing phone calls. Huawei’s tech support really does leave much to be desired. While this may be something you wouldn’t necessarily notice when calling tech support, nobody really knows what the other person is doing. As a person who has worked in tech support, I didn’t have informational conversations with my coworkers about a case that I’m working on. If the customer was some sort of outlier (very nice, total douche, etc.), we’d talk about that, but never about the specifics of a case. This is why we have ticketing systems and make sure informative notes are made about the case in the event the customer calls back. Either Huawei didn’t have one, or it was down for the two months I had to interact with them.

Every time I would call them, they would act as if I had never called in before. Despite giving them my ticket number, I’d have to answer the same questions over and over again. Each time I called, I’d get a different response about what would be happening with my phone. Some told me that there were still collecting information from other users. Others stated Huawei US and Huawei “proper” were working on a plan to replace the phones. Each phone call was like a delicate snowflake. No two were the same.

One day I was greeted by a email from them. Here are the contents:

Thank you for contacting The HUAWEI SUPPORT TEAM.  We are fiercely working on an immediate  solution  cause by the incorrect order you have received. We thank you very much for your understanding  regarding this matter. We ask that you contact us back and provide us your personal feedback as to which solution you would rather proceed with if approved.
We truly value you as a client, and thank you again for choosing Huawei
best regards
I responded with the following:
I would like to have the device I currently have swapped for the model that I ordered.
Another month went by where I waited by the phone or by my laptop, hoping to get some more information. Somedays, I’d become impatient and reach out to them to get a status update and be met with the same unwillingness to give me the information I needed.
Then finally, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, I called again. This call went a lot differently than the others…

Check back soon for The Return…

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