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The Nexus 6P Fiasco: The Reorder

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The Reorder

There are times when I refer to myself as a genius. A modern day savant. A voice of my generation. Other times, I realize that I think of myself in the way Kanye West thinks of himself. However, this was different.

I was just told that in order to end the Huawei nightmare, I had to return the phone back. They couldn’t exchange my Nexus 6P. They couldn’t refund me the difference. They wanted the actual phone back for a refund. While this may sound like a decent end to a two months of nearly no support, it ultimately meant that I only got to own a phone (not my phone) for two months and that was it. I had bought cases and chargers and cables for this phone. None of them were going to work with anything else I had. Then it hit me…

What if I bought another phone?

It was so simple. Essentially, all I would need to do is just go to their website and order a new phone. I felt like this was kind of a risk for a few reasons. The main one was the fact that I could inevitably be opening myself up to the same issues I’m currently dealing with. I started questioning whether or not I could trust them to get the new order right.

Another issue I thought about was the waiting I had to do from the very beginning. I waited nearly a month before I eventually received the phone that started this incident to begin with. Huawei had already given me a time limit for returning the phone. Ordering a new one would mean that I would possibly end up with two phones, one of which I was overpaying for.

After weighing the options, I placed the order for a 64GB charcoal model. I felt like, if worst came to worst, I’d have to return the wrong one and hope that the new one would be in soon.

Now we just sit here and wait…again…

Check back soon for The Exchange…

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