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The Nexus 6P Fiasco: The Complaint

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The Complaint

As soon as we got home, I burst through the door leaving both my luggage and wife in the car. The first thing I see is a bright orange envelope sitting on the counter. I grabbed it, ripped it open, and probably squealed like a little girl (nobody else was in the house to confirm or deny the story). My Nexus 6P had arrived! The latest and greatest in smartphone technology (in my opinion) had arrived!

After bringing in my things and settling down a bit, I finally tore into the packaging. I took stock of everything that was in the box. Everything appeared to be there. But then, I noticed something that stopped me dead in my tracks.

For some reason or another, I decided to check the actual storage capacity of the device and found out that the device was missing half of its storage. I didn’t really have a reason for doing so. At no point did I have a reason to distrust Huawei. After all, Google partnered with them to make the device. That night, I added another reason why I shouldn’t just outright trust huge companies.

After that nearly shocking revelation, I started to notice another issue. I had noticed that the phone’s back wasn’t the right shade of grey. Obviously, this isn’t a huge issue. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the storage issue, I would have kept the phone as I didn’t mind the basic aluminum.

While I was sad that I didn’t get the phone I ordered, it didn’t bring me down too much. I was actually glad that I had the phone. I was, however, concerned that I might actually have to send the phone back before getting my actual phone and who knew when that would be. At that point, I actually contemplated just keeping this phone and not saying anything, essentially eating the $100 extra. After telling my wife the plan, she looked at me and said “Uhhh…..NO!!” At that point, I knew that I had to call customer service and try to get it straightened out.

The next day, I did just that.  After getting a bit of information from me, they informed me that this was an issue that other people were having. Now, I’m not sure to what extent, but from what I thought I heard, it was exclusive to those who ordered 128GB graphite models of the phone. I have a hard to believe that was the case, but at the time, when checking both Google’s store and Huawei’s, neither had the model that I was trying to buy.

At the end of the call, I was told that there were going to an investigation into the issue and that I could hold on to the phone until the correct one was sent to me. I had asked them how long should that take to which they responded with 72 hours.

Who knew 72 hours could last a little over a month…

Check back tomorrow for The Wait…


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