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The MajorsHouse Show Episode #8: Google Maps, It’s Not Your Fault!

  1. Gaming News
    1. Sony rumored to be working on PS4.5 (
    2. Xbox Spring Sale (
    3. PlayStation VR Preorders go live (
    4. Three more games join Xbox One BackCompat (
    5. Forza Motorsport 6 gets an eSports mode (
    6. Sony forms company to port PlayStation games to mobile (
    7. Xbox Live Games with Gold For April (
  2. Tech News
    1. March security updating borking fingerprint scanners on Nexus 5X and 6P (
    2. More developers work on Mac than Linux (
    3. Google Now now let’s you block certain publications from showing up (
    4. Apple Watch price drops down to $299 (
    5. iPad Air and Mini price decrease (
    6. iPhone SE announced (
    7. 9.7” iPad Pro announced (
    8. Stagefright exploit can be used reliably on Android devices if not protected (
    9. Facebook app now allows for HD quality photo uploads on Android (
    10. President Obama states that Google will provide Internet to Cuba (
    11. Red Hat becomes $2 billion open source firm (
    12. Instagram web app gets notifications (
    13. FBI enlists Cellebrite to crack iPhone (
    14. Google warns about security vulnerability found on Android (
    15. Wrong house gets demolished due to error in Google Maps (
    16. Mac users not able to log into iMessages or Facetime after latest update (
  3. Software
    1. Mac OS X 10.11.4 (
    2. Apple tvOS 9.2 (
    3. iOS 9.3 (
    4. Xbox One system update (
  4. All four major US carriers offer free calls and texts to Belgium (Verizon and T-Mobile include Turkey) (

Intro and Outro Music: Pure Grinding by Avicii

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