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The MajorsHouse Show Episode #5: I’m Gonna Pass Out Edition

  1. Gaming News
    1. CliffyB was asked to work on “Silent Hills” (
    2. Xbox One and PC Cross-Buy may become commonplace (
    3. Destiny player maxes out character during training (
    4. Street Fighter V getting SteamOS support (
    5. PlayStation VR to be released in the fall according to GameStop (
    6. Sony says PlayStation VR fall release is speculation (
    7. First six minutes of WD: Michonne online (
    8. Marshawn Lynch saluted by Call of Duty (
    9. Street Fighter V servers buckle under pressure (
    10. Sign up for the PS4 firmware beta (
    11. You can create a new Nintendo account now (
    12. The Division’s DLC will launch on Xbox One first (
  2. Tech News
    1. Google is shutting down Picasa (
    2. New iOS devices to be announced and released in March (
    3. Apple TV Remote getting update (
    4. Apple working on fix for 1970 bug (
    5. Possible workaround for 1970 bug (
    6. Bank confirms Chinese rollout of Apple Pay (
    7. Marshmallow update for Galaxy S6 Edge has new features (  
    8. Kanye West asks ‘dudes in San Fran’ to invest in ‘Kanye West ideas’ (  
    9. Kanye West’s new album is Tidal exclusive (
    10. Kanye West’s new album is most pirated of all time! (
    11. Hackers holding hospital for ransom (
    12. Hospital paid ransom (
    13. Comcast experiencing network outage (
    14. Radio Flyer makes Tesla for kids (
    15. Army blimp disaster caused by lack of batteries (
    16. Google tried to be “All The Same” with new Android ad (
    17. Samsung being a dick about S7 unboxing (
    18. HTC has a new bloatware partner (
    19. Denmark rocked by Android malware (
    20. Instagram now uses two-factor auth (
    21. US judge demands Apple to open cell phone (
    22. Apple is still refusing to create backdoor for iOS (
    23. Security firm provides insights on how Apple could let law enforcement into iOS (
    24. Google sides with Apple on encryption battle (
    25. Home Simpson to broadcast live (
    26. DoD committing to upgrade 4 million PCs to Windows 10 (
    27. Surface now approved for use at DOD (
    28. Google allowing users to “Gmailify” their accounts (


Intro and Outro Music: Pure Grinding by Avicii

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