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The MajorsHouse Show Episode #4: The Night of the Living Callback

  1. Gaming News
    1. Keiji Inafune to appear at MAGFest (
    2. Titanfall 2 to have real single-player campaign (
    3. You can have photos developed from PC version of Firewatch (
    4. Get more performance out of The Division by turning down graphics on your console (
    5. Apple rejects Binding of Isaac due to violence against children (
    6. Start pre-ordering Oculus Rift PCs starting Feb 16th (
    7. The Division Open Beta starts next week (
    8. Amazon makes game engine with built-in Twitch streaming / can be used to run critical infrastructure in the event of zombie attacks ( (  
    9. Walking Dead: Michonne begins later this month (
    10. Homefront: The Revolution Xbox One closed beta starts today (
    11. Titanfall 2 release window may have been revealed by McFarlane Toys (
    12. Quantum Break for Xbox One comes with PC copy and Alan Wake (
    13. Rocket League coming to Xbox One next week (
    14. Four new Xbox 360 back-compat titles coming (still no Red Dead) (
    15. Watch Dogs sequel to come out before April 2017 (
    16. No new Assassins’ Creed this year (
    17. Twitch streamers raised serious money for charities in 2015 (
    18. Destiny sequel coming in 2017 (
    19. Kanye West shows off new game (
  2. Tech News
    1. Tinder bans 2 users for promoting Bernie Sanders (
    2. Moto 360 2nd Gen receiving Marshmallow (
    3. Verizon’s go90 video service will not count again customers’ data caps / Now includes NBA League Pass discount ( (
    4. Apple files for mistrial in patent case (
    5. First Ultra HD Blu-ray players on sale (
    6. Twitter to offer algorithmic timeline for those who want it (
    7. Gain 2GB of Drive storage for clearing a Google security check for Safer Internet Day (
    8. Verizon interested in purchasing some Yahoo! (
    9. Star Wars EDM album available for preorder (
    10. Kickstarter project seeks to add tap-to-pay to Pebble smartwatches (
    11. Instagram adds multi-user support ( (
    12. Removing Facebook app from iPhone saves on battery (
    13. The Internet disapproves of Tim Cook’s (now removed) Super Bowl pic ( (
    14. Andy Rubin wants to give you a dash cam (
    15. Third party updater for Mac apps is vulnerable to attack (
    16. Hackers are paying good money to get into Apple (
    17. Google reminds people on how to keep Android devices safe (
    18. Apple Music now available on Sonos devices (
    19. Verizon wants more from the NFL (
    20. YouTube Red content now available (
    21. US bill from both sides of the aisle to outlaw states from banning the sale of encrypted devices (
    22. New Win10 update fixes Edge and comes with a changelog (
    23. LG G5 to have always on display (
    24. Tesla Model 3 to be unveiled March 31st (
    25. Google is pushing the drive to kick Flash to the curb (
    26. Windows 10 has an even slower ring for testing new features (
    27. Apple hit with another patent infringement suit (
    28. Setting your iPhone’s clock back to 1970 can permanently brick your device (
  3. Hardware
    1. Remotely accessing your gaming content on various devices
    2. Recording iOS on a Mac (
  4. Software
    1. How to remove guest accounts from a Mac (
  5. Betas
    1. Mac OS X 10.11.4 Public Beta 3 (
    2. iOS 9.3 Public Beta 3 (
  6. From the site
    1. Its Okay To Have A Bad Day (
  7. Upcoming
    1. MAGFest
    2. Extra Life United

Intro and Outro Music: Pure Grinding by Avicii

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