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The MajorsHouse Show Episode #23: The Snorlax to Machamp Excercise Plan

Just a quick heads up! I forgot to mention (well I mentioned it on the show but didn’t mention the name because I couldn’t remember who originally coined the phrase), but I do want to give mad props to Gnomedic ( who is the main inspiration behind the title of this week’s show! I never want to go without giving original creators their props and feel absolutely terrible that I left out the credit initially and hope he forgives me! Please!

  1. Gaming News
    1. Side-loading Pokemon Go could give you malware (
    2. Niantic Labs fixes permission issue with Pokemon Go (
    3. Pokemon Go is now available for Android 7.0 (
    4. Nintendo stock jumps after release of Pokemon Go (
    5. T-Mobile is offering free data to Pokemon Go players for a year (
    6. Summer Games Done Quick raises $1.3 million (
    7. Overwatch’s next hero revealed (
    8. Overwatch is limiting teams to one of each hero on competitive play (
    9. Capture Cards Now Supported for Xbox One streamers (
    10. Nintendo announcing NES Classic Edition (
    11. Get Splinter Cell for free on PC (
    12. Terry Crews gets into PC gaming (
  2. Tech News
    1. Hackers are holding iOS devices for ransom (
    2. Wendy’s restaurants hacked (
    3. Android Nougat protects against ransomware (
    4. Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 announced (
    5. Android platform distribution numbers are in (
    6. Google Fiber signups begin in Charlotte (
  3. Betas
    1. Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14388 (
  4. Software Updates
    1. Nvidia Shield Tablet upgrade 4.2 (
    2. July security updates appearing for some Samsung devices (

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Intro and Outro Music: Cerebral by Boys Noize & Pilo

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