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The MajorsHouse Show Episode #2: I’ll Pay For Twitter VIP

  1. Gaming News
    1. Might No. 9 delayed again (
    2. Pokemon Super Bowl ad (
    3. Sherlock Pikachu announced (Japan Only) (
    4. You can now witness The Witness on PS4 (
    5. Sony creates new company, Sony Interactive Entertainment, LLC (
    6. Five Nights at Freddy’s World pulled from Steam (
    7. Face petting removed from new Fire Emblem game when it reaches the US (
    8. EA Leaves E3 2016 (
    9. PlayStation Plus February Update (
    10. Xbox Live Games with Gold February Update (
    11. New features in Xbox beta app for Win10 devices (
  2. Tech News
    1. Students from Jackson State University build mat to help diabetics prevent amputations (
    2. Microsoft Surface tablets for New England Patriots break down during AFC Championship game versus the Denver Broncos (
    3. Another patent troll sues Apple over VPN, FaceTime and iMessage (
    4. Join Japan’s real Public Security Section 9 (
    5. Twitter’s VIPs aren’t being harrassed with as many ads (
    6. Buy and sell stocks on your watch with Robinhood (
    7. What you will and won’t be watching on Netflix in February (
    8. Lyft partners with Waze for navigation (
    9. Google and NetHope partner up to make 25,000 Chromebooks available to Syrian refugees in Germany (
    10. Get your loved ones a Nexus device for Valentines Day (
    11. Amazon’s first Super Bowl ad starring Echo (
    12. Circuit City rises from the dead (
    13. NASA to honor crews of Challenger and Apollo I (
  3. Hardware
    1. Replacing a USB 3.0 hub with the sum of its parts
    2. Huawei prisoner exchange update
    3. Automatic on the way
  4. Software
    1. Removed f.lux from my Mac
    2. Parcel for Mac and iOS
    3. Deliveries for iOS/Mac (
  5. Betas
    1. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14251 (
    2. iOS 9.3 Public Beta 2 (
    3. Mac OSX 10.11.4 Public Beta 2 (
  6. From the site
    1. The Backlog
      1. Kingdoms of Amalur
      2. Banjo-Kazooie
  7. Upcoming
    1. The Division beta impressions (maybe video)

Intro and Outro Music: Pure Grinding by Avicii

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