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The MajorsHouse Show Episode #10: If You Wanna Protect, You Must Encrypt

  1. Gaming News
    1. Axion Verge is finally coming to the Vita (
    2. SCE and SNE are now officially SIE (
    3. Sony engineer creates custom controller for gamer with cerebral palsy (
    4. Bethesda sends out invites for E3 showcase (
    5. Doom open beta begins April 11th (
    6. Gears of War 4 to Release October 11th (
  2. Tech News
    1. Tesla Model 3 Announced (
    2. Windows 10 will soon mirror Android notifications (
    3. George Hotz’s self-driving tech gets funded (
    4. TSA pays buku bucks for random number generator (
    5. Apple fixes iOS 9’s lock screen flaw (
    6. Might be able to hide built-in iOS apps (
    7. Facebook’s Android app will soon be able to describe images (
    8. FBI is breifing senators about how it unlocked the iPhone (
    9. FBI has confirmed iPhone 5c hack does not work on newer phones or 5s (
    10. White House is withholding support of anti-encryption bill (
    11. Soon (if not now) you’ll be able to create usernames in Facebook Messenger (
    12. Android Developer preview may be coming to more than just Nexus devices (
  3. Betas
    1. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 (
  4. Software Updates
    1. Android April security update (
    2. PS4 3.50 system update (

Intro and Outro Music: Pure Grinding by Avicii

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