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The MajorsHouse Show Ep. 84 Part 1: It Hurts So Good

Decided to come back to Tinertia for launch and, while I made some progress, I still can’t get anywhere in this game.

I managed to unlock a few new modes and another level, but…but…I just can’t with this game.

Yet, I can’t stop!

The game had to freeze on me before it’s hold was gone…

Check it out on PS4 for $11.99 ($9.99 on launch week).

You can catch me playing live over at Twitch every weeknight (and possibly weekends) at 9:00pm!

Please sign up for Extra Life, a video game based charitable organization that is part of the Children’s Miracle Network!

Help me raise money for Duke Children’s Hospital by going to my personal Extra Life page!

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