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The MajorsHouse Show Ep. 66: We’ve Got All Kinds of Access

I really only seemed like yesterday I was getting rid of equipment for me to now take on more of it!

The Elagto Game Capture HD 60 S is finally here and not only can I record console footage again, I can do it without a noticeable delay! I mean, this thing is so good, I may be able to play it without having it connected to a TV.

I would also like to state that I am in no way sponsored or being paid by Elgato to support the product! I paid for it out of pocket (read: I used my GameStop-turned-Amazon credit to pay for it). I’m actually super excited about it and want to share my excitement with all of you!


Wednesday, I’ll be partnering up with LanBro_Ryan for some Overwatch. Details will be coming soon for that.

I’ll be giving away a copy of Watch_Dogs 2 on Friday. Stop by the stream all this week to better your chances.

And Saturday, its Take 2 of the NBA Playoffs between Lancemanon and myself with some Extra Life donations on the line! Again, stay tuned for more information.

You can catch me playing live over at Twitch every weeknight (and possibly Saturdays) at 9:00pm!

Sundays you can catch me on the official Extra Life Twitch channel at 9:00pm!

Please sign up for Extra Life, a video game based charitable organization that is part of the Children’s Miracle Network!

Help me raise money for Duke Children’s Hospital by going to my personal Extra Life page!

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