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The MajorLinux Show Ep. 1: The Final Mission

What started out as a simple bet between myself and Jamie Costantino (OnceAClockwiseChild), turned into an amazing evening that ultimately ended up in me reaching and exceeding my original Extra Life goal of $700 for Duke Children’s Hospital!

It was an amazing night! One of my best gaming, streaming and Extra Life moments that all culminated at the end of my favorite video game of all time!

Unfortunately, the moment was ruined thanks to YouTube and DMCA laws that won’t allow me to show the video on it’s platform.

This is why MajorsHouse and exists to allow me to still have a platform to share important moments like these with my community even when old laws keep me from doing so!

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to watch, chat, and donate! You all are amazing and wonderful people, but, as I said on stream, we still have work to do!

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