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I want it all…I want it NOW!

It seems to be that’s how the world is starting to move.  In a time where everything can be granted to us in nearly an instant, we tend to get upset when something isn’t given to us right away.  I’m know I’m definitely not immune to this as I am probably a huge fan of instant gratification. I like the fact that I can shop in a store from the comfort of my own home and only drive to the store so that way I can have the product I purchased easily without having to hunt it down in the store and wait in line to purchase it.

However, this practice can be very damaging.  Not only to ourselves but to others around us.

I understand the need for instant gratification.  Its almost like being a kid who sees the cookie jar.  You know there are cookies in there and you want the cookie because its there and it will taste so good once you get it.  Your not really hungry for it, you just want it.  Because its out of reach, however, you have to ask someone for it, which happens to be a hindrance to you because now you have to wait and depend on someone else to get it for you.  Then comes the biggest obstacle: “Not right now!”

Now, I’m pretty sure a good number of readers of this post have children and know that phrase.  When I have a little MinorLinux running around, I intend to use it. But I wonder if this is, along with our current conveniences, have turned us into monsters who crave to have it all.

But let’s take a look at the scenario from the side of the parent. Again, I understand that some of you are parents and may have a different take on this, but just hear (…er…read) me out.  When you tell the child “no” or “not right now”, what is the main reaction of the child.  I figure it would depend on various factors. The one factor that comes to mind is how many times has the child been denied.  If we look at how society is now, we are like children who hardly get no said to us. We can go where we want, do what we want to do (within reason), buy what we want to buy.

Now, imagine if you were to go to your favorite store and someone told you that you couldn’t buy the product, not because you don’t have money, but because they don’t want you to have it right now, even when its in plain site and others are enjoying it. What if someone stated that you couldn’t drive to that store even though the parking lot is half full and the store wants to take your money. You’d be furious, right? You’d want to lash out, right?

These situations are similar to the child who’s never been told no.  They would lose their shit if you did. And what do you think the consequences would be for such a thing? Depending on age, there would be temper tantrums, things being thrown, insults, and hateful statements among other things.  Now, as a parent, you may just be able to shrug it off.  But some don’t.  Some take that really hard.  From a child, that’s one thing, but this still happens between grown adults.

So, what happened here?  I’m pretty sure a few decades ago, this wasn’t the case.  How did we get to this point?

I believe the answer lies with restrictions.  Over the years and decades, more and more freedoms have been given to use regardless of what people are saying nowadays.  We have been given so much choice and so much information that anybody at any given moment in time can be extremely dangerous without really having to leave their homes.

Now, I’m not about taking back freedoms and placing restrictions.  I’m more about having people become more reserved. People should hold back their levels of entitlement.  If anything, they should think about how their actions would be perceived if they were doing it to their parents. Boundaries exist for a reason and if people can understand that and learn to live with certain limitations, then the world would just fall into chaos.

So, please, don’t be like that kid that always gets his way.  If anything, you just look like a grown person throwing a temper tantrum, and then who will take you seriously?

Ask this guy…

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