Taking Flight: Coming Home

I’M FINALLY BACK! Even though I’ve been back for nearly two weeks, I finally decided to update the blog.  I know I said I was going to be updating it once a day while I was gone, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen.  Once I arrived in Miami, I sort of turned everything off and used everything I had in the sense of any other vacationer, I used the GPS and Google about the entire time.

This post will be somewhat short because of a realization I had just moments before I wrote the previous post.

My cellphone was pretty much going to handle everything I needed.

Quite frankly, there was nothing spectacular that any of the technology in the previous post did out of the ordinary.  The only thing to note about is how awesome Google Now worked.  The flight information feature worked beautifully.  Even though I could easily Google it, it worked so much better when I was able to speak into my phone and it speak the information back to me while I pull luggage out of overhead compartments and be able to remember that information for later as I attempted to run to the next gate (operative word being “attempted” as my foot was still suffering from the pain of a fallen arch and kept me from running).

I do have a small gripe about hotel I was staying at in regards to Linux.  While the laptop worked just fine (I was even able to log in to the Red Hat VPN (Virtual Private Network) while I was there), however, I wouldn’t have been able to get much work done as they seemed to have blocked port 22 (SSH).  For those who don’t know, this allows me to create a secure connection between two machines and allow me to send commands and files across.  This means I wasn’t able to update not only machines connected to Red Hat’s private network, I wasn’t able to update my own while off it.  Now I could have possibly attempted to connect via different means, but, again, I was on vacation.

Nevertheless, we’re back here safe and sound, with or without the use of technology.  Even though I didn’t really use much more than the average person would have to go on vacation, I wonder how much more difficult it would have been if I didn’t have any of these things.

Maybe I should ask Paul Miller of The Verge

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