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Spawn Point Blog to Host Gaming Marathon for #BlackLivesMatter

Well, its finally good to get behind the keyboard and typing again. And its good to actually type some good news for once not just another review to keep myself numb from all the negativity that seems to be going around lately.

For those who may not have heard me mention them often on Off the Rails or GameEnthus, I follow a site called The Spawn Point Blog and listen to their show The Spawn On Me Podcast. The gentlemen that run that site and show are some of the most intelligent that I’ve listened to and read from and have gotten the pleasure to “Twitter-meet”. (Yeah, I’m making up words and phrases! So what?! Wanna fight about it?!)


Alright, enough with the jokes. I wanted to mention something that these gentlemen were doing for good that I hope becomes another avenue for discussion for one of the biggest things affecting all walks of life nowadays. These guys have decided to put together a special Twitch streaming event next weekend (January 17-18) to raise awareness for the increasing amount of police brutality that has been happening as of late, especially towards men and women of color. Taking up the banner of #BlackLivesMatter and their own, #Spawn4Good, they will be playing mostly (I want to say 99%) nonviolent games to help raise awareness for this very important social issue that still seems to be a problem today.

If you are interested in viewing the streams, they will begin at about noon on the 17th here and here. If they aren’t hosting themselves, they will be hosting and tweeting other people’s channels that are playing alongside them. If you care to contribute via donation, you can do so by going to the CrowdRise fundraiser page they have set up where all funds will be sent to the Eric Garner Fund and The New York Lawyers Guild.

You can read their official post to get more information about the event and how you can participate even more.


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