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Sony Announces PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle, White Console

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See what happens when you give something a brand new coat of paint.  They go out, grab a year’s worth PlayStation+ and start acting all brand new.

Which is exactly what Sony did with the PS3.  The console, which will be available on January 27, comes a 500GB hard drive, dressed in white and will be bundled with a year of PlayStation+, which gives you access to a nice library of games for free and at a discount.  Essentially, its a better deal than most bundles you can buy today seeing as PS+ has 14 games currently in the library with a new one coming out just about every other week.  Plus, if you own a Vita, you essentially just scored about 6 more games there.

And don’t worry.  If you already have PS+, the year you get with this system was just add on to your current subscription.  I think that’s actually worth the purchase myself.  I mean, look at that white controller! THE PRECIOUS!!!!!!


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