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#PlayStation2013 Predictions From The Major

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So, its that time again when people with hardly any life want a newer experience than the one they have.  They ready their wallets and their homes to welcome the latest and greatest in console experiences and Sony is ready to give them a taste of what’s to come.

About a couple of weeks ago, Sony announced that they will be holding an event on February 20th and, behold, the day has come!  Many people have had a metric shit ton of rumors and speculations as to what was going to be announced and as the announcement date neared, things began to become clearer.

There was a controller that was leaked out. In Japan, Sony announced a price drop for the PS Vita in that country.  With those events and many other things, its starting to take shape as to what’s about to happen tonight.

Based of that information, I’m going to try and make an educated guess as to what will be covered tonight:

  1. I think there will be a “PlayStation 4” reveal.  I don’t think they will call it the “PlayStation 4”, but I don’t see why not.  But when looking at what Apple did with the iPad, it could go that way even though there is still the iPhone 5 (and even the Nexus 4 if you look at Google’s Nexus naming conventions even though that could be based off size).
  2. I think there will be a price reduction announcement at least for the Vita here in the States which is why it was absent from the Japanese event.  I don’ t think the PS3 will be mentioned for a price cut at the moment.  If anything, Sony will do this at E3.  With them possibly announcing the PS4, they have to save something for E3.
  3. If there is a PS4 reveal, Gaikai will be mentioned and as others have stated, it may help out with the PS3 emulation.  Maybe Sony will be generous and will allow for us to stream titles that we own so we don’t need the disk (or maybe use the disc to prove that we actually own it (elaborate, I know)).
  4. Maybe, just maybe, Sony will finally give their gamers things that Xbox fanboys have been crying about for God knows how long like cross game chat and the ability to log in to multiple accounts on one console.  The one thing I hope we will not see from Microsoft is paying for the online gaming, social, and media streaming experiences. I for one, hope that Microsoft does at least copy that page from Sony’s playbook when they announce their “Durango” aka “Xbox 720”.

Please tune into to watch the GGRE Live Hangout while we “cover” (or talk over) the #PlayStation2013 event.

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