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Panasonic Wants Photographers to See the Big Picture: Unveils 20-inch 4K Windows 8 Tablet

During CES, Panasonic has pulled the sheet off one of its newest devices.  They have unveiled a huge tablet, coming in at 20 inches, running Windows 8.  But it wouldn’t be CES if it didn’t have this year’s “gimmick” which is 4K resolution.

While this resolution is normally reserved for TV screens, Panasonic is actually planning on marketing this device at those who create, be it photographers, videographers, architects or and designers.  It will allow users to import and touch-up images from digital cameras and other sources and includes the software to do so.  However, seeing as it is 20 inches in size, the tablet isn’t exactly portable and more of a touch-screen TV.  According to The Verge, if you intend on actually handling the device, as of this moment, the device does generate a bit of heat and if Panasonic intends on marketing this as something you can hold in your hand (but who will), they will probably need to cool that down.

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