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Ouya Dev Consoles Have Been Shipped

If you’re looking for a cheap gaming console this year, look no further than Ouya.

For those who don’t know, Ouya has created an Android powered gaming console for the awesome price of $99. Another big selling point for developers and modders is that the console is completely open.  It is made to be open and allow for those who choose to add things to it.  This same openness has caused many to be skeptical of the device as users could potentially use the box to pirate games and apps and keep hard-working developers from getting paid for the things they create.  This, of course, is the same problem that some people worry about with Android in general as it is a more open platform than iOS or Windows Phone.

The news today, however, is that Ouya has finally shipped all the development consoles to those who have ordered them.  According to the video below, the console and controllers are both prototypes and feature a clear plastic so you can look deep inside them.  They stress that it isn’t the finished product and that it may look slightly different when the console is officially launched in March.


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