New Things Coming to MajorsHouse.com



What’s up everyone?! Can you sense the excitement in the air?! There are new changes coming to MajorsHouse.com. And not just the website, but the podcast, too.

Let’s start with the site! MajorsHouse.com tends to host a lot of content (huge exaggeration) for technology and opinion (basically mine). However, I feel like I can provide more.  So, in the coming weeks, I will hopefully be bringing more content to the site, maybe actually build the rest of the site, and possibly finish this project I’m working on.  You guys remember ThinkTux, right?

Now, to the podcast! I’m now changing the name to MajorTrain Radio to accomodate a new show that I’m creating to complementing the added content to the site.  I will be resurrecting an old show that I used to host with a friend of mine from college called Tech Attack.  I’m obviously starting it on my own, but if someone wants in before I start recording (which will probably be on Wednesdays for this show), hit me up and we can work something out.  The original MajorTrain Show will probably go through a name change and I’m open for suggestions.

So, now that I’ve shared this, look forward to more content, be it circulated tech news or original content (Xbox 360 + MajorLinux 1 year anniversary post coming soon).

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