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My Xbox 360 Grievances

As I was writing my post about the next generation of console gaming and do we actually need it, I began to think about the consoles that I already own and why would there possible be a need to upgrade them.  Once I began to list what needed to be updated, I began to get furious as my list of Xbox 360 updates were for things that are commonly found in other places that aren’t easily available with this console.


Xbox Live

The worse part of the Xbox 360 turns out to be the best for a lot of people (myself included).  The Xbox Live service does have a lot of features in it that other services lack and strive to have.  However, I don’t like how people use that to justify having a huge price tag on it.  I used to be a part of that camp until I purchased my Xbox 360 and XBL account and realized there wasn’t anything special hidden behind that door.  A lot of the services offered on Xbox Live are also offered on the PlayStation Network free of charge, including online gameplay.  The only things that are between the two is cross-game chat and multiplayer being hosted on Microsoft’s servers instead of publisher/developers’ servers.  With only those two advantages, I don’t see how it justifies the $60 price tag they ask for, let alone paying any money.

Now others might come along and say “I use Xbox Live because the PS3 can get hacked and lose service for weeks!”  That’s not a valid argument in the least.  Its like saying Macs don’t get viruses.  Yes, Microsoft’s systems may be slightly more secure than Sony’s, but then again, let’s look at the history of the two companies.  Microsoft has been in this space for years when it comes to information security.  They create operating systems that get hacked into on the regular so you bet your ass they are going to make sure they can be as secure as possible.  Sony, on the other hand, doesn’t have that same history.  Yes, I know it doesn’t excuse them for not protecting users’ data and keeping it from happening in the first place.  This doesn’t mean that Microsoft is better at it than them, it just means that its happened to Microsoft more and there are still vulnerabilities out there, just not huge ones.

Addon Support

This has recently become an issue for me.  Since I bought an Xbox 360 Slim, most of the issues that have plagued earlier adopters haven’t plagued me…yet.  There is still the threat of a red ring, but not as big.  The focus here, though, is the addon support for the system.  Why can’t I easily split my audio between two separate devices? Why can’t I use USB to connect a headset that I already own and use on my computer?  These two issues, for those who own headsets for Xbox 360 should already know , are directly related to one another.  I understand that in order to get in-game sound into the headphones, you’re going to need the audio source, which is gained through using the composite audio cables.  But if I don’t want that, I still have to find something that converts my chat session, which for some reason through my Xbox controller while the headset is being powered through USB.  Again, I ask, why can’t I use the USB port that I have to power this device to actually do voice chat.

Yes, I understand I said a lot of negative in regards to the Xbox 360.  Yes, I prefer the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360.  No, I’m not trying to start a flame war.  I just wanted to put on “paper” how I felt about the system.  Take this post as you like.  I believe I am titled to an opinion.

Just sayin’…

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