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Merry Christmas! Valve extends the Linux Beta Program

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It always been a dream of mine for Linux to take over the PC market, but I do admit its going to be a huge hill to climb.  One big issue is how to get gamers to switch OSes when there really isn’t any games to play on it without having to set up convoluted methods in order to emulate a Windows machine to play them.

Luckily, Valve came in to save the day for the Linux user by bringing their Steam client to Linux along with some of their Source Engine games like Team Fortress 2.  However, at the moment, it is only available in as a closed beta (unless you know how to get in otherwise) and its only limited to Ubuntu officially.  But you know me.  Working for a Linux distributor does have its perks.

But for those who didn’t get in the first go round, you may have a little something early in your stocking as Phoronix broke the story that more people will be getting into the beta this month.  Initially announced the Steam Community, it was stated that they have extended the limited beta by a large amount and for users to check their inboxes.

So, for those on the latest and greatest of the bleeding edge, check your email as you may be doing some Linux gaming and ignoring family for Christmas (but don’t really ignore family.  Families don’t really like that).

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