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Make Room in the Bed! T-Mobile Now Snuggling With Apple

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News was released this morning via Twitter that T-Mobile will now be selling Apple products in their stores come 2013.  There was no word on which products will be sold at the store, but seeing as there are really on two products that Apple makes that would make sense to be used on the LTE network that T-Mobile is planning on rolling out next year, its kind of a safe bet to say that the iPhone and both iPad versions will be sold our favorite little magenta carrier.

This does make me wonder how the Android community will react to such news as T-Mobile mostly carried Android smartphones (even though they would allow for unlocked iPhones to be a part of the network). I also wonder now, with every carrier moving over to LTE, are we finally going to see a shift in how the mobile phone market works here in America.  The Europeans are able to just buy phones first and choose carriers second.

So maybe this is the start of something magnificent, magical,…(Okay, I’m out of mag- words. T-Mobile? Why magenta?)

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