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MajorsHouse Show to Take Over Twitchin’ Series

What’s good everybody?!

I’m back from vacation if haven’t already known and ready to start serving the content you didn’t even know you needed!

With that being said, I’ve got a major shift coming your way (Get it, “major” shift?)

While I was wrapping up #100DaysofGaming, I had the idea that I wanted to take my streaming game in a new direction. I also wanted to take my podcast game in a new direction as well.

Well, after some time off, I figured out what I wanted to do with them. Starting Monday, November 28th, I’ll be dropping Twitchin’ with the Major name (I know, again!) and change it to┬áThe MajorsHouse Show. This means that I’ll be dropping the solo podcast for a more informal conversational Twitch stream using that name.

I’m hoping to have some guests on from time to time so stay tuned! You can catch me live every night at 9:00pm EST over on Twitch!


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