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MajorsHouse is Moving!

Okay, that might be a little misleading!

To be honest, MajorsHouse (and TheMSZero by association) are moving, but so are the Majors!

Last Saturday, the misses and I signed our contract to have our house built in Mebane, NC which just outside of Durham and Chapel Hill.

I’m really excited because I’ll finally have a house and it will make the site’s name actually true as we’ve been living in a rented townhouse since the site started.

This post does serve a double purpose (or triple if you count the whole announcement as a purpose), however.

  1. I will be positing some updated shots of the building process as work progresses on the house.
  2. Heads up that MajorsHouse and TheMSZero may gone down somewhere between February and March as we are physically moving everything.

To kick things off with the first part, here is a picture of the misses and I on our plot of land and the sold sign!

Welcome to our…dirt patch!

In regards to the second part, I am trying to devise a solution that should help mitigate any downtime. I’m not going to lie to you guys, though. Given I may not be able to have networking up at both houses at the same time (unless TimeWarner Cable wants to work with me on this), the site might have to go down for about a week while I work through some new networking infrastructure in the new house. Cloudfare might be an option as they seem to put up carbon copies of websites on their servers and I might be able to use that as a smokescreen as there probably won’t be any new content on the site during the move.

I’m just hoping that between the site and personal life, this will be a smooth transition with little no hiccups on the way!


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