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MajorsHouse in Q12015: #BlackLivesMatter Marathon and #MieldFestRises

Good afternoon, everybody. Its your friendly neighborhood MajorLinux here! Well, maybe not for my current neighborhood…

For those who have been following on the blog or on Twitter or the Off the Rails Show, you would have noticed that I’ll be moving soon from what I’m hoping is my last rental property to a very new house of my own (pictured below).


Even though this won’t be fully official until March 1, 2015 (and even that’s optimistic), this has been affecting things happening on the site along with the YouTube page and Twitch account. I am still hoping to get some stuff off the ground before then, though.

First is the #BlackLivesMatter gaming marathon that is being headed up by The Spawn Point Blog. I will be doing some streaming (maybe not a full day, but a sizable chunk) on my channel and will have the content available offline.  You can get more information here and here.

Courtesy of Spawn Point Blog
Courtesy of Spawn Point Blog

The following weekend, it will be time for #MieldFestRises as the Off the Rails and GameEnthus crews and all their friends and hundreds of other people will descend upon National Harbor, MD for the annual MAGFest music and games festival! Stay tuned for more information as we figure out what we are doing exactly for this event. So far, Off the Rails is planning to record a show from the event, so that’s a plus!


After that, MajorsHouse will probably go dormant and possibly offline while the move is going on. In the event that we go offline, I will put out a notice, but I’m hoping that I can work out something with our ISP(s) so I can mitigate any issues and keep the server online as long as possible.

Figured I’d let you guys know what was happening. Hopefully, after the move, we can continue on with regularly scheduled programming that clearly isn’t in progress.


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