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MajorRant: iMessage For the Rest of Us

You know, I’m starting to have an issue with Apple’s iMessage application for iOS.  Now you can go ahead and say that I’ll hate anything Apple just because Apple’s name on it. However, I do have actually reasons for disliking a product and I truly can’t stand this one and I haven’t even used it.

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My gripe stems from the group messaging aspect of the app.  In iOS, when you message a group of people, everyone with iOS will be able to see these messages in a conversation style format.  However, for those who may not be so “fortunate” to own an iOS device, we have to suffer with getting spam with loads of MMS messages from people we may or may not know about things we really don’t care about.

Now, I haven’t gone to investigate to see if there was a way to stop this as I don’t own an iOS device (my sister does now and I might be able to test with her phone), but if someone does have some suggestions on how to turn this off as to not annoy others who don’t own iOS devices, please share your knowledge.

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