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Join Me Tonight on Twitch For #FiveDollarFridayFTK

Well, its that time again where I sit on my ass and actually do something worthwhile and meaningful. Of course, I’m talking about playing some games to help some sick kids aka EXTRA LIFE!

I will be streaming (and obviously recording) my exploits for all to see tonight starting at 7:00pm for a new thing I just heard of called #FiveDollarFridaysFTK!

What’s #FiveDollarFridaysFTK, you ask? Well, its very simple. I’ll be streaming for 4 or more hours this Friday #ForTheKids (or #FTK as we are known to say) and all I ask from you in return is to donate $5 to my Extra Life page.

However, I’ll do you guys one better! For any Twitch followers are YouTube subscribers that I get, I’ll donate $5 myself. Normally, I only do $1 (and yes, I still do). I’m just that serious about this! I feel we are too blessed to not having to deal with what these kids or the parents are dealing with that I want to help them out as much as I can.

So are you with, are you down for it? Still not? Okay, how about I sweeten the pot for you! How’s this?

I hear that a new cult favorite game is coming out next month. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Its called Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. How about I run a contest to just give a way a copy? How does $5 an entry sound? So not only do I donate my own money to charity, but if you donate yours, you could actually get me to buy you a new game?! I mean, if that doesn’t show you how serious I am, I don’t know what will!

So, how about it? Are you down, now?! Well if so, please join me over on Twitch and we can get this party started tonight at 7:00pm!


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