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How to Create Calendar Events from Google Now

Well, how’s this for a return post.  While poking around with my Nexus 7 earlier today, I came across a certain feature that was announced with an October 2012 update but was kinda glossed over by every one.  I think more people were concerned with flight information than this time-saving gem.

Of course the feature I’m talking about is the ability to create events from Google Now to post to your Google calendar.   I really don’t know what I was doing or how I came across it other than asking for it to do that.

Well, without further ado…


AS I stated earlier in the video, I wasn’t sure if it was a part of the 4.2.2 update, but as I did my research after shooting the video, it obviously wasn’t as it was included in the release notes for the October update and the fact that my Samsung Epic 4G Touch with Jellybean leaked build was able to do it.

So, for those who are able to enjoy Google Now, there you have it…

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