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Here’s Why I’m Unfollowed Twitter

So, one day, while I was waiting for an appointment, I was listening to an episode of This Week in Google, a weekly TWiT network show that talks about anything that isn’t necessarily Apple or Microsoft. During that episode, one of the guests on the show, Gina Tripani, had mentioned that she had unfollowed almost everyone on Twitter over the Christmas break.

From what I gathered while listening, it was to cut down on the noise that would normally happen when you follow a lot of people with different idealogies and agendas. One day, someone could be speaking about the latest game coming out, the next day, a social injustice, and then the next, a new movie. And imagine this happening wtih hundreds or thousands of people.

Upon hearing that, I began thinking. While I may not be completely up to leaving Twitter (or any social network for that matter), I felt like it may actually be time to just clear the clutter. It might be time to reset the counter back to zero.

I know it sounds like everybody else who says that they are getting rid of certain people to “prune” their social media accounts. Sure, we can look at it as pruning, but I like to think of it as ¬†“clear cutting”.

So, while I won’t be removing myself from any social media services and removing any apps, I figured that by next week, I’ll have¬†completely unfollowed and unfriended¬†almost everyone. I’ve already slowly been doing that on Twitter and Google+. I’ve been holding off on Facebook because I feel that it will be easier to do. ¬†There aren’t thousands of people that I’m loosely associated with there..

I hope that at the end of all this I can find a little bit of clarity. I feel that social has gotten out of hand with so many people who have found a voice hidden behind a computer. It has gotten to a point where people will not take responsibility for the things they say.

But I guess that’s a post for another day…

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