Google+ Introduces Communities


Seems like Google has been pretty busy this week.  With multiple updates to core apps on the Android platform and a slightly related rollout of Jellybean to Android devices, Google just seemed to open the floodgates this week.

Today we are introduced to Communities, which a type of group feature for people of common interests.  To me, it seems as though it may be an easier way for your interest-based circles to actually talk back to you and being able to communicate with them easily.  I’m actually glad they are rolling out this feature as it may help me actually talk to Linux enthusiasts about Linux things as opposed to shouting it out to everyone and hope that Linux users in my circles will see it and respond.

From what I’ve seen this morning in Google+, it doesn’t seem like its available to everyone yet, but you  know Google.  If it wasn’t a slow-as-a-snail rollout, it wouldn’t be a Google product *cough* Nexus 4 *cough*

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