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Fitocracy Fitness App is Finally Available for Android

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Thanks to people like @bigrob029, I’ve signed up for some pretty interesting things around the internet.  One of them happened to be a gamified fitness website called Fitocracy.  This website takes the exercise that you perform and turns them into points which then increases your level.  It was developed by Brian Wang and Dick Talens as a means to marry fitness with their love for games like EverQuest and StarCraft.

Some time ago, they had decided to release an app for their increasingly popular website.  Unfortunately, it was only available for iOS.  It remained this way for nearly a year.  The release of the Android version should be able to help a new group of people meet those New Year’s resolution goals (or wedding goals).

If you want to get “pumped up” or, in EnthusNations’ case, “get gangsta with yo fitness”, check it out in the Google Play Store.

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