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From the GameEnthus Podcast:

This week Marcus(@MajorLinux) and Tyrone(@Zero0Four) from the MSZero Podcastand Tyler(@TylerTreese) from 8 Worlds News hang out with Mike(@AssaultSuit) andAaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Smash Bros. 3DS, Styx: Master of Shadows, Forza Horizon 2, alternate international movie titles, Watch Dogs Bad Blood, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Turtle Tale, Art of Balance, Ninja Battle Heroes, Mischief Makers, IPS Rom Hacks, Vib Ribbon, Project Spark, Taiko Drum Master, Pix the Cat, Destiny, Arcania, Madden 15, FIFA 14, NBA 2K15, Lego Marvel Superheroes, Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, Driveclub, Windows 10, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Geoffrey Holder(RIP), soccer, Avengers vs X-men Axis, MLB, Ride Along, Common Core, Metal Gear, Donkey Konga, Legend of Korra, D4, Elite Beat Agents, Ridge Racer, RoomAlive, Looper, Radio Shack, Fossil Fighters and more.

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Show Length:  179 minutes Direct Download

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Red Bull Academy Diggin’ in the Carts

Tiny’s new game/comic series

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Show Music

Intro  1 – Killer Mike – A.D.I.D.A.S instrumental

Break 2 – Missy Elliot – Gossip Folks instrumental

Break 3 – Skee-Lo – I wish

Break 4 – Bill Withers – Lovely Day

Break 5 – Tone Def(of NWH) – Just a Human

Break 6 – Paul McCartney – Live and Let Die

Break 7 – Star Control 2 – Syreen Theme

Break 8 – De La Soul – Pass the Plugs

Break 9 – Aaliyah –  We Need a Resolution instrumental

Break 10 – Ben’s Brother – Stutter(ing)

Break 11 – Resident Evil 4 Ganados

Break 12 – Star Control 2 – Melnorme Theme

Outro/Showcap – The Pharcyde – Groupie Therapy instrumental

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