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Extra Life 16-hour Make Up Stream This Saturday!

What’s up, everybody?!

Hope your feeling good and in great spirits because I need your help once again!

As you all know, the Extra Life game day has come and gone and, due to an unfortunate situation, I had to miss it.

You also know that I made up the horror portion of that stream a few weeks ago and you can catch the stream archives or the death montage below!

I’m now here to let you guys know that I will be wrapping up the last 16 hours this Saturday starting at 9:00am EST and, as promised, I will be giving away the lovely Logitech c920 1080p HD webcam!

Now, as 16 hours is an odd amount of hours to be streaming (and rather long), I have come up with a system that should be totally fair for everyone. I’m making the contest to where you do not have to be present to win, but would either require you to be up around 1:00am EST or donate to Extra Life, a video-game based charitable organization that is a part of the Children’s Miracle Network, to have the best chance of winning.

All, I ask you to do is submit 10 keys earned through Revlo on my Twitch channel starting at 9:00am to be “rewarded” a chance to win the camera. This is so I can have a way to contact you to let you know you won if you aren’t watching the stream at the time of the drawing.

After you register, you are free to purchase as many Revlo tickets as you like until about 12:50 am on Sunday. Each ticket will cost 10 keys which you can earn every minute you are in the stream or per each cent donated to my personal Extra Life page. The drawing will be at 1:00am. The winner will have up to a week to claim the prize.

If there are any questions, please feel free to comment here or reach me @MajorLinux on Twitter.

Good luck!

-Marcus MajorLinux Summers

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