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Disable Photo Geo-tagging on LG G3

I don’t really care that my photos are being geo-tagged when I take them on my phone. I normally take photos in very public, very identifiable places if I ever use my phone at all for photos. Plus, when leaving it on, it helps make for interesting “stories” on Google+.

Today, I came across an article on LifeHacker that talked about turning the feature off on smartphones for those who may want to be able to do it. After reading it, I was curious about turning it off on my phone, the LG G3.

Apparently, turning the feature, also known as geo-tagging, is not easily found as the options in the camera app itself are very slim. Also, doing a Google search for disabling geo-tagging didn’t really turn up many results other than “ZOMG LG G3 IS AMAZING AN ALMOST COMING! LOOK AT LEAKED PHOTOS!”

After some digging of my own on my device, I was able to locate the setting. If you go to Settings > Location > Location Services, there is a check box for “Camera”. I find that a little weird as not a lot of people would look there for it, but I guess it makes a little sense as it is a location setting.

Just a little information for you LG G3 users out there who may want that small bit of info!


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