About time! PlayStation Network to get Web-based Store

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Well, it only took them an eternity, but it seems like Sony has finally come to their senses and have decided to release a web-based store for the PlayStation Network.  As you can see from the image above, and according to sites like PushSquare and Engadget, it seems to be only available in Europe.  I have also confirmed this by trying to visit the site,, only for it to tell me it doesn’t support any of my browsers (I am running Google Chrome Dev Channel and a “corporate” build of Firefox on my work laptop which runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

According to Engadget, PlayStation Blog manager Fred Dutton has stated that the site is still under testing and nothing is ready to be officially announced as of yet.  Even after looking around for a bit, Eurogamer, the site who seemed to have broke the story, hasn’t really said how they even stumbled upon it as no one from Sony seemed to have mentioned it.  Now, why can’t I just accidentally stumble onto sites like these?

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