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David “Tiny415” Whelan

Okay, I know the title of the article is atrocious, but just hear me out for a second (or maybe a lot of seconds)… was created about 4 years ago to allow me to access a basic Linux server at home from my job, but has since turned into a place where it can be somewhat of a creative outlet for me when it comes to talking about games and technology.

Over the years, the site has evolved as my life has changed. I used to write about various things happening in gaming and tech but that changed when I started working during the day.

I have now turned it into a place where I occasionally write about gaming and tech, but mostly its where I house my podcast, The MajorsHouse Show, and embeds to both my Twitch channel and my YouTube channel.

I also use the site to work on brand new ideas that I can use to not only better my site, but as a way to help others and have started working on that over at

Right now, I’m hoping to get some help with MajorsHouse because I haven’t necessarily fallen on hard times, but would like to try to keep things more afloat. I would like to be able to do this full time (you know, “follow my dream”), but in order for me to figuratively (and literally) keep the lights on, I have to work. While its been great to be able to self-fund my dream up to this point, I feel like this route is causing me to not fully commit to what I really want to do.

This is where you, the patron, comes into play! While I understand this may not be the thing that will get me to quit my job, it would definitely help me give some much needed attention to the site and hopefully would allow me to provide more and better content for everyone!

So, what do you guys say? Wanna help me out? Together, we can build this site higher than its ever been!

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Thanks for reading!

–Marcus “MajorLinux” Summers