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Fable III Available For Free on Xbox Live Games on Demand


Update: It appears to be official and is probably to help promote the HD remakes of the first two Fable games.

Thanks to a good Twitter friend of mine @DefunctGames, it was brought to my attention that Fable III was now available on Xbox Live Games on Demand as a free download!

Now, I’ve already beaten the game, but unfortunately, I lost the disc (well, didn’t lose it, but let’s just say I’m probably not getting it back).

If you are awake at this moment and can get your hands on your 360 controller, now would be the time to do this as it isn’t really certain as to why it is free. ┬áIt may be related to the Microsoft E3 event happening at 1:00pm EDT in Los Angeles, CA or it just might be a slip up by the boys in the server room.

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