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Do We Really Need a New Console Generation?

I guess when looking at the title to this post, I might end up with two huge opinions. On one hand (which is the hand I’ve heard a… Continue reading


Check out our new web series The MajorTrain Show On Air!

I’m not sure if its just that I’m lazy, needed a way to have multiple people on the show and record them easily, or I just wanted to… Continue reading

Self Reflection

Finding the inspiration to write…

Sometimes, I wonder why I have a blog.  I wonder why I go through all the trouble of actually setting one up.  I never was a big a… Continue reading

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Why are people still worshiping Steve Jobs?

You know, I never really understood a lot of things on the internet and the people who post them.  I normally don’t question them, but this one has… Continue reading

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Welcome to the new The Major’s Conquests

Welcome one and all to my new blog location! I’m really digging the new space as its mine and I feel more at home because I’m hosting it… Continue reading

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