Check out our new web series The MajorTrain Show On Air!

I’m not sure if its just that I’m lazy, needed a way to have multiple people on the show and record them easily, or I just wanted to… Continue reading

Self Reflection

Finding the inspiration to write…

Sometimes, I wonder why I have a blog.  I wonder why I go through all the trouble of actually setting one up.  I never was a big a… Continue reading

Apple Opinion Technology 1

Why are people still worshiping Steve Jobs?

You know, I never really understood a lot of things on the internet and the people who post them.  I normally don’t question them, but this one has… Continue reading

Uncategorized 2

Welcome to the new The Major’s Conquests

Welcome one and all to my new blog location! I’m really digging the new space as its mine and I feel more at home because I’m hosting it… Continue reading

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