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Just Do The Right Thing

Last night on stream, I was referencing what has to be the most amazing moment in gaming and charity that I have ever experienced!

Shortly after reaching my first goal of $600, I was made aware of someone who had less than stellar things to say about an organization that only wants to help children. I was hurt, upset, and angry that anyone could say those thing and would actively discourage people from participating.

I was planning to tear this dude a new one, live on air, but then I was reminded of why I do what I do and why this person didn’t even matter anymore.

Just like last year and every year before and for many years to come, thank you so much for those who are supporting me in my life and in my many endeavors. Most importantly, thank you for supporting me as I help raise funds for those sick and injured kids at Duke Children’s.

You can help me out by going to!

As I said last year, I may be a gamer, but I’m also a father and a human being just trying to do the right thing…

Thank you!

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