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Twitchin’ with the Major Non-Existant Spooky Holiday Spectacular This Weekend For Extra Life


Good afternoon, everyone (even though I’m writing this at 11:30am and I have no concept of time because I know two people will read this in the afternoon and now I’m just rambling on a keyboard hahahaha!!!!)!

Just wanted to stop by to let you guys know I’ll be doing a bit of streaming starting tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon around 3:00pm for Extra Life in preparation for the big event on November 7th.

The theme for this stream will be slightly related to this weird holiday that people celebrate at the end of October that deals with scary things so I guess I’ll play some tame scary games, namely Telltales’ The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2 (if I can finish them). ¬†Yes, I know they aren’t as scary as say Amnesia, Outlast and Soma to name a few, but I’m too much of a chicken to play these games.

While playing the game, I will donate x dollars for x episodes I complete after the each episode. So, I’ll donate $1 after finishing the first, $2 after finishing the second, $3 after finishing the third. I also encourage you all to help me by doing the same at my Extra Life donation profile.

So, please come check me out over at my Twitch channel. Since I moved my Xbox One (the system where these games are) out of the studio, I can’t promise high quality¬†archives unless I export them from Twitch (which tend to be of lower quality) but you can still check out others over at my YouTube channel.


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